Southern Romance Mysteries

Anyone who’s followed this blog since I started it a year ago knows about the shorter southern romance suspense stories I started writing. Life came in and knocked me around for a bit but those stories were still there.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue them—to finish a complete year of them. It was hard to find romance after the collapse of my own personal life. But after starting work on this new series I decided it might be nice to keep up the suspense romances as a pallet cleanser. So I took the individual stories down and repackaged them as a box set.

October, November, December is now available on Kindle and I decided to package the next three, January, February, March the same. I’ve finished January and half of February, so once I’ve finished this first book in a MC series I want to do, I’ll be getting tack to the Southern Romance series.

Side note: I changed the name to CeeJae to differentiate this series with the MC one I’m writing now. That series will be under CJ. Why? Cause these are two very different kinds of romance.  \o/


southern box set

 A little bit of suspense, a good bit of romance, and always a HEA. Each novel focuses on an interconnecting group of people in Roswell, Georgia, a small town north of Atlanta, nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. From time to time their lives intersect, but they all have one thing in common; the search for the perfect love.

This volume contains:

::October: Chloe and Matt::

When Psychic Chloe Stohl is asked to guest on the popular web and TV series, Ghost Hunt, her first reaction is less than agreeable. Until she meets the show’s star, hot ghost hunter, Matt Hunt. But when she warms to the idea of spending more time with the sexy hunter, ghosts from his past return to haunt the old Barrett House where intrigue and personal revenge threaten to put an end to their relationship before it begins.

::November: Nana and Lex::

When Nana is called to photograph the body of a local accountant, her first meeting with Dr. Inzmann isn’t one of the smoothest introductions–until someone attacks the sexy young ME during the investigation and someone has to take care of him. Nana sets out to solve the mystery of the accountant’s killer and Lex’s attacker, but will she succeed when the killer turns their attention from Lex, to Nana?

::December: Cecelia and Thomas::

Detective Cecelia Inzmann’s lonely nights could come to an end when she meets the dashing Thomas Carr at a function in the High Museum. Until Mr. Carr turns out to be a thief, and not just any thief, but the notorious international criminal, Phantom. Thomas insists he’s innocent, but most of the evidence points in his direction. Can Cecelia prove Thomas’s innocence before the real Phantom puts an end to him?

Coming Soon….

January, February, March. 


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