Writing Day Two, September 12

Custom black motorcycle on a white backgroundI couldn’t wait to get through the day to get back to Shemane and Cyrus. I also found the perfect picture for the cover so once I get my words done tonight I’m going to shoot the cover image over to a friend of mine who is a graphic artist and see if he can put something together.

Sessions again. Little pieces adding up. It’s all making sense!

So after a dinner of chicken salad and home made ice tea, I sat down and reviewed what I did last night, looked at where I wanted the next few chapters to go and got started.

For the first session I did 1,789 and then took a break. I wanted something sweet and I’d made banana bread. So with coffee and bread in hand, I sat down again and wrote 2,001 before I realized I’d been sitting in one spot for too long. I got up and walked around and remembered I wanted to see 20/20 so I had another cup of coffee and watched the show.

After 20 / 20 I wrote another 903 words before I realized I needed to do some more outlining. What I love most about this is that outlines are guidelines. The story usually takes on a life of its own and you have to be bendable. That and I was applying those rules I first blogged about.

Character, Setting, with a problem. Character must try to solve the problem. Things must get worse. Tries again and either succeeds or fails. And then there’s validation. Great for a short story, but for a book, you have to sort of repeat solves problem and things get worse several times.

So I spent a while with my notebook and my characters before I retired to bed and did a bit of reading.  That’s 4,693 words for the day. I’ll take it!