Heroes are alpha. That much is true when it comes to MC romances. If anyone reads the Southern Romances I’ve written, those stories were written with strong female protagonists. 

For this new book (which I now have over 4K written already), I’ve had to do a bit of research. And it’s gooood research. I’ve also had fun watching and reading everything I could on Motorcycle Clubs. Netflix has been a godsend. And full of awesome. 

The hero that came to me was a bit edgier than what I’ve seen. Like Jax in SoA, Cyrus Conner isn’t a big guy, nor is he small. But he has a charisma and a charm that most people like. But unlike Jax, Cyrus has a college degree and he’s good with tech. He’s also exactly what people expect to see on the outside. Tall. Handsome. A bit thin but well muscled. Something he’s got going for him is his face. Good looking but not overly so. 

Picking a visual was difficult. So much so I’ve decided not to share on the blog and just let it mesh once the cover’s done. Well, and once I get the book done. I should finish it this month. I hope to keep this blog posted as it progresses. Just need to find that old word counter I was using…