Young beauty in a stylish roomI finally found images I’m happy with. Stock files that represent my two main characters. And during that time, I’ve scribbled a bit here and there in a new Scrivener file. Now if you’ve never used Scrivener, and you write, you’re missing out. This is like the most awesome-est thing ever. I can’t live without it.

Started up a new file and I put a name on it, Dead Or Alive. Yeah, it’s not original, but for now, it’s my working title. In the past year I started watching a lot of different shows. The one that stuck out was Sons of Anarchy… I don’t know why. This show doesn’t represent anything I’ve ever liked or stood for in my life. Not sure I like watching something that makes me root for the bad guys. -.-

Still…it was like a train wreck. I couldn’t stop watching it. So, in order to get it out of my system, I’ve spent a few days outlining the idea for a MC book. The fun part is coming up with a name that no one is presently using for a MC. I’ve come up with Sons of Havoc.

So…to start with the heroine, I decided to go with this picture. There’s no guarantee I’ll use it, or the artist will use it for the book cover, but I think it works for my heroine, Shemane.

I have 15 chapters outlined, their beats ready in that Scrivener file. Got my hero up next.


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