Sometimes…we have to restart

Custom black motorcycle on a white backgroundAll of us, at some point, have to restart what we started and build it from scratch. It can be our lives, our jobs, and even our relationships. Unfortunately, sometimes one of those becomes the catalyst for restarting another. I’m not gonna bore anyone with what’s happened since last year (when I last posted about the series I’d started), but just know life is looking a lot better.

So now it’s time to start again, and maybe start with something a little bit different.

I’m not a pantser (and that does not mean yanking someone’s pants down). I am a plotter. And I don’t want to argue about it. If you comment about which is better, you don’t get approved. I’ve been down that flamewar and noooo thanks! This is my process and I like it.

After a lot of reading in the past six months, and a lot of thinking, and a lot of you-really-need-to-put-down-the-cupcake-girl, I’ve decided to journal the creation of a book. It’s not really for anyone but me. So if you read it and enjoy, that’s even better!

For my first step in this journey, I decided to buy some stock images. Just three. And use them for the book’s cover creation. And if this book works, into a series. So for the first image I picked the one shown in this post. And as I go through the process, I’ll pick the other two for my hero and heroine and move on from there.


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