October Ghosts is FREE!

Yep. The Southern Monthly is now up and running, so to speak. October Ghosts, November Shutter and December Frost are the first three in the 12 books series. ¬†January Knew is scheduled for publication in December and every month I’ll release a new monthly.

Sooo…. as a way to kick start things, I’ve made October Ghosts free on KOBO! I’m not sure how long it will be free. It will depend on the response, but I like the idea of keeping the first book in any series free. And yes, this is the first book!

I hope you’ll give it a try and enjoy it enough to continue reading. I love writing them!

Quick Note

Oh wow. I’ve really been gone for a while! And I apologize. Life dealt me some serious curves and they each had to be dealt with. But now I’m back and hope to be continuing the blog (as well as the story structure parts) as well as the books.

Up next will be October Ghosts, December Frost and then January Renascence. My goal is to write a romance for every month of the year!



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